Policies and Procedures

Use of Coupons

RG Insights Photography runs coupons from time to time via deal sites such as ValPak, Morgan's Deals, LivingSocial, and others.  Additionally, coupon codes or discounts may be offered via Twitter, facebook, or other ad media.  These coupons must be used within their valid thru dates unless extenuating circumstances exist.  RG Insights Photography reserves the right to decline the use of an expired coupon for pre-purchased packages if arrangements have not been made for it's use and contact established prior to the expiry date.

Regular coupons or discount codes are redeemed during shopping cart checkout by entering the appropriate coupon code in the checkout process.  The terms of a coupon may allow one-time use, or be applicable to products, but not services, or vice versa.  If you have any questions about the use and applicability of a coupon or discount code, please feel free to email us at [email protected].


Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates for products and services.   These may be purchased over the phone, or via email, and used on checkout online.  You will be given a Gift Certificate with a unique code.  There is no service charge for a gift certificate, and they may be purchased for any dollar amount.


Please note that only one coupon or gift certificate may be applied at checkout for an individual order.


Scheduling of Shoots

All photo shoots should be arranged at least one week in advance.  When scheduling, make sure to include your complete contact information and the number of persons to be included in your shoot along with any special requests.  Scheduling may be arranged via telephone or by email at [email protected].  Some shoots may require a deposit and payment of travel arrangements in advance.  Some photo shoots may also require an advance deposit on sitting fees.  If a shoot is not cancelled with at least 48 hours advance notice, RG Insights Photography reserves the right to decline a refund of the advance deposit.

You may view the booking calendar for availability (see our menu options), but you must still call or email us to confirm your requested booking time and date.   When you see a date and time that is available, and you wish that date and time, let us know and we will confirm your booking once we have your information.  We respect your privacy and do not display your name or other private information  to the public.  Your booking simply will appear as a "busy" time on the calendar.  Only the staff here can view the actual booking reservation names.

Understanding Fee Structure

Our guiding principal is to empower you, our client, to obtain the images and products you want without being forced into packages that do not suit your needs.  This means you don't get stuck with sheets of wallets you'll never use, for instance.  You order what you like, the way you like.  This means our fee structure works to your advantage as well.   The two components of our fees are time and products.  The actual shoot (sometime referred to as a "sitting"), and possibly travel (if distant), are the time charges.  For products, our fees are for either physical or digital versions of your images.  This means you are billed for the shoot, and then pay for the deliverable products as two transactions unless you have purchased a specific package such as a Groupon, LivingSocial, Angie's List, or other such deal.  Please note that you are still responsible for taxes and shipping on deliverables.


We do offer package pricing which includes print options, however we don't lock you into the particular mix of photos.  What we do is issue you a coupon code you use at checkout and it takes the dollar value of your print package off your invoice.  This works to your advantage because you can then select other print product mixes and apply that dollar value credited to you as part of your package.  We want you to be happy with your purchase, and have no problem in letting you select an 11x14" print instead of two 8x10" ones for instance.

Naturally, if you have any questions not addressed here, by all means, let us know. 

Payment Terms and Billing

We love to work with our customers and make things as easy, and affordable as possible.  To this end,  we no longer extend terms to clients and payment is expected at the time services are rendered.  This helps us avoid costs down the road and keep our prices even lower!

If you have contracted for services and break that contract, all discounts extended will be negated, and billing for both work performed to that point, and for anticipated work per that contract will become immediately billable in full as commitment of resources, including blocking out of schedule time, preventing other business to take place during that time will have occurred.  Finance charges may also be assessed on the debtors account.  We also reserve the right to send such accounts to collections at the discretion of the management.

Site Security and Transaction Privacy Notice

Every effort is taken to help protect both the consumer, and RG Insights Photography against fraud, identity theft, spamming, and other privacy violations.  No information is shared with outside agencies without express permission and prior notice unless required for law enforcement purposes.  For those who pose under the terms of a signed Model Release, those provisions do allow for the use of images as noted in the release without addendum here.  

Additional Site Security Certifications

The ownership of this site has been verified by the host.  This assures that you really are dealing with the parties as represented.


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