Photography Services Pricing

The rates below are for shooting time/sitting fees only.  Other products such as bulk purchase of digital downloads, disc or memory cards, or other physical products are at the prevailing rates on our website.  You may view these at any time via our shopping cart system.  This ala-carte approach lets you better customize and reduce your costs by not locking you into packages you don't need.

Commercial Photography Rates - $200.00 per hour for shooting time (On-Site or In-Studio) - One hour minimum, billable in 1/4-hour increments after first hour.

Commercial photography rates apply for corporate or government clients that will be publishing images and need licensing to encompass mass public use on either a non-profit, or profit basis.   Reselling of images, without alteration, is authorized based on the terms of use for the specific project(s) and can include other uses depending upon the nature of the images desired.   Please contact us for any questions regarding your application of use to determine licensing needs.

Non-Commercial Photography Rates - $150.00 per hour for shooting time (On-Site or In-Studio) - One hour minimum, billable in 1/4-hour increments after first hour.

Non-commercial photography rates apply to all family, individual, or private group or party events where the intended use of the images is not for corporate communications, but rather for personal photo albums, or use on individual (non-business entity) profiles for services such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for example.  You are licensed to use the images in personal social media, so long as the application is never for resale or corporate promotional use.  Photography models and actors may use the images for self-promotion via comp cards, or other submission materials, but not for posters for sale or event promotion.


Camera Cleaning Services Pricing

Pricing for camera cleaning includes far more than just the sensor.   We also clean the exterior and accessible interior areas including sensor, mirror box area, contact points, battery compartments, memory card slots, viewfinder, back panel/display, Fresnel glass, Reflex Mirror, interior of lens barrels (dependent on lens type), lens contact points and mounts, light baffling felt, any attached lens shades, filters, and caps. 

It is highly recommended you have your lenses cleaned to avoid dirt transfer between the lens and your camera body where it could land on the sensor.  Air movement inside lens barrels during focus and zoom operation can pick up dirt from the lens and deposit it within the mirror box assembly, causing image quality issues with dust/dirt showing on images, or causing other issues such as auto-focus or soft-focus issues if it deposits in areas that affect the camera's auto-focus system.

Camera Body & Sensor Cleaning - $35 per camera body

Camera Lens Cleaning - $10 per lens

Battery Corrosion Cleanup - $15 per device (subject to inspection of device prior to work being done.  Device operational status post-cleaning cannot be guaranteed).


Additional Services Pricing

Camera Firmware Update - $10 per camera (some updates may require update of your desktop software by you).  We include this free with camera cleanings, but if you want to have us just check and update your firmware, we offer this service separately.

Memory Card Data Recovery - $50 for each 16 GB Segment or portion thereof, with delivery of recovered data via DropBox, Disc, or Thumbdrive

Turn-around Time and Rush Pricing - We strive for a 48-hour normal turnaround time, though in rare instances if our shop is very busy with cleanings, it may take an additional time.  You will be advised should there be any potential for greater than a 48-hour turnaround.  Rush service is available on a schedule permitting basis which provides either same-day or next-day service (24 hours or under) for a flat $10 extra. 

All services are by appointment.  Late drop-off and pick-up times are available.   All cleaning services work is performed out of our administrative offices address.