RG Insights Photography Blog for April 2013

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New Products, Class Offering, and a FREE Calendar Print!


New Products!

We have added about 20 new products to the offerings!  These include;

  • real press-printed greeting cards with customizable text (not just card prints anymore)
  • acrylic prints
  • additional framing options
  • additional specialty and memorabilia products
  • and more!

Check all the options by clicking the "View All Products" option when buying an image to check out all the great features and options!  To see all the options on framing, use the "Configure" feature and you'll see a list of all the framing, matting, and glass options.


Free Calendar Print with Print Orders of $75 or More Thru the End of April, 2013!

All during the month of April we have been running an ad about our free calendar print with print orders of $75 or more.  This is a great single page calendar with the image of your choice, and calendar configuration options.  A wonderful way to have a calendar for this year, or next year always handy with one of your wedding, senior portrait, baby, or other family, event, business, sports, or art shots on it!  When placing your order for at least $75 of print product, we will contact you (or you can email us with your choice and configuration options), to make sure your calendar print is made to your specifications!


Class Offering!

Class:  Studio 101 - A Workshop For Those New To Studio Photography

When:  Saturday, May 18, 2013       10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Where: At the studio - 8120 Gravois Rd., Affton, MO 63043

Description:   This class is for new and experienced photographers alike that wish to learn about working in a studio environment.   This is more than just learning about the equipment.  This is a practical, hands-on workshop that will combine lecture and practical experience during the workshop.  You should bring your camera gear with you to this class.  We will be covering;

  • Using studio backgrounds
  • Strobe lighting basics including equipment use, techniques, lighting patterns, light modifiers.
  • Working with models including posing techniques, model releases, session provisioning (i.e. changing areas or blinds, contingency preparedness)
  • Handling makeup emergencies!  Often overlooked, we will cover what happens if you have a model that has a makeup emergency and the makeup artist may already be gone, and you need to fix something.  We will have a licensed MUA (MakeUp Artist), on site to demonstrate some of these fixes.  No, you aren't going to become a MUA yourself, but if you need to know how to do a touch up fix, this will give you some pointers, techniques, and confidence to save your shoot.
  • Using remote triggers with studio strobes

This will be interactive, with plenty of time for practice and questions.

Cost: $89

RG Insights News - February 2013

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Welcome to this edition of our blog here at RG Insights Photography.  As a professional photography studio, we always are looking for ways to offer you, our client, the highest quality of services at the most affordable of prices!  One of these services is this blog, where we will keep you updated about important changes and offerings here.   It is also important to keep up with us on facebook, and twitter as we do make announcements there from time to time.

I would like to take a moment to let everyone know of a new website feature, and a new service offering.

New Website Feature!

There is now a booking calendar feature that is available!  You can now see available days and times directly online!  Studio time for in-studio work uses a different schedule, and I hope to be able to integrate them both soon (they use different systems), so will be working on that as a continued enhancement.   This means that I may be available to shoot, but the studio itself may be busy, so I need to still coordinate on a shoot with you if you want in-studio photography done.  On-location shooting is always available at open time slots.  To book your shoot, simply call (314) 368-8258, or email me at [email protected], and your shoot will be booked and reserved.

New Service Offering!

RG Insights Photography now offers data recovery from your camera's CF/SD cards!  If you accidentally reformat a card, or delete an image off it, and need to get it back, we can help!  So long as you don't shoot additional images on the card after you make your mistaken deletion or format, most often things are still able to be saved!  Images are recovered and provided to you on a DVD or can be put on a memory stick for you.

Pricing for this data recovery service, and all my other services are soon to also be put online shortly!

Classes Coming Soon!

And finally, yes, classes are still in the works, and are going to be offered at times that will be convenient for just about any schedule.  Class sizes will remain small to provide more personalized attention, and multiple sessions of a given class offered to help accommodate both volume, and schedule flexibility!  These will be announced here soon!

More New products!

Yes, we continually strive to offer as many quality products as possible!  So, if you have an iPhone 4, 4S, or 5, or iPad, you can now get any of the images taken of you, your family, company, or any of our other images put on those phone cases or pad folios!  We are also upgrading greeting cards with new options and quality, so, while you can still get the one we have been offering for a while, you can now get full folding style cards with envelopes with your desired image, and customized text!  We have also added more postage stamp options, ceramic coasters, glassware, and other great products to our line!

Improvements In The Shopping Cart Experience!

We have made the flow in the shopping cart system for product selection with images, and configuration options for things like frames with an image, easier and, hopefully, more intuitive.   We have also streamlined the checkout for easier use.  We hope you find these changes to be an enhancement to you enjoy.

We Are Now On Angie's List!

We always welcome feedback, and believe very strongly that providing the highest quality, most responsive service to you, our client, is the very essence of what we are about.  Your feedback helps us achieve our goal of total customer satisfaction, and helps others know about the service you received, and hopefully to enable them to make that choice to use us for their photography needs as well.

We also hope that if you are happy with your LivingSocial, Groupon, Sweet Jack, Morgan's Deals, or other online service package purchase, you will provide feedback for others on those services so they can know of your experience as well.  Of course, regardless of if you purchased a package on a special run on any of those, or other sources, or just booked directly at our always great prices, you can provide feedback for others on Angie's List!  To review us there, simply click this link;

Review us on Angie's List

You will also find this link on our menu, and in our signature block on emails from us.  Thank you in advance for taking your time to help both us, and others, make wise choices on selecting a photographer!

Currently Showing!

Yes, if you want to see some of our photography in-person, you may view some at the Maryland Heights Government Center, 11911 Dorset Rd., Maryland Heights, MO 63043 in the lobby thru the first week in March!   We hope you have the chance to stop by and view it during lobby hours there.  Any of the images you see there are available for purchase by contacting me.  You will also find our service brochure and business cards there in the lobby as well.

What is next?

We will be updating you with any new news about our product and service offerings, and more information should be ready soon regarding the class offerings!

Thank you for your taking the time to read this news blog from us!   As always, we welcome your questions, comments, and, naturally, your business!


Robert Greenfield



Welcome to RG Insights Photography!

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Artfully Posed - St. Louis Art MuseumArtfully Posed

RG Insights Photography is a Maryland Heights, Missouri, based company with studios in Affton, Missouri.  We provide photography services for individuals, corporations and groups.  This blog will address common photography issues, questions, news topics, photography advice, deal announcements, and more.

I welcome comments, and suggestions for content as I want this to be a blog that is interesting, lively, and, most of all, useful to you! 

That being said, I will be initially posting up some things that I have run into as common customer questions regarding things like camera maintenance, techniques, etc. that have come from clients using my DSLR Sensor Cleaning services.  You do not have to be a professional photographer to avail yourself of these services, or of the information that is to be contained in this blog.  I intend for this to be about sharing information regardless of the experience level, or type of reader.   I also may have guest contributors if such seems of value.

One question I will answer up-front that I get is "What does the 'RG' stand for in the name?"  Well, it's very simple,  they are the initials the owner and photographer for the company, Robert Greenfield.   Robert has been doing photography since the age of 8, and professionally on a freelance basis from 1977 thru 1984, then again recently from 2008.   In 2010, he formally established RG Insights Photography, making high quality professional photography available to just about any budget.  Robert is also a software engineer with over 30 years in the industry, having worked in finance, banking, aerospace, beverage, and other industries providing for their software engineering needs.  He is also a published author on a text on computer forensics, which he co-edited, and co-authored.  Robert is also a pilot, and served nine years in the USAF Auxiliary.  Robert is an active volunteer working with organizations in the St. Louis area, including the St. Louis Science Center, and Crossroads Hospice.  Robert’s photographs have also appeared in places like Schmap (an internet map service for destination information), Science News, publicity videos, and more.  His works cover the range from all areas of portraiture, to commercial and stock imagery.  


Welcome once again to RG Insights Photography, and our blog!


Robert Greenfield
[email protected]
(314) 368-8258

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